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Starting work injury claims with help from specialist lawyers experienced
in employment law and personal injury

If you are seeking work injury compensation, experienced employment law solicitors can guide you through the complex jungle of employment law, showing you how it affects you and explain your options to you. Importantly, many of these lawyers also have experience on work injury claims process to help you recover compensation.

Inadequate adherence to health and safety can lead to personal injury at work either by way of accidents or diseases. If you have suffered injury at work, claim against your employer because employers are required by law to take up employers liability insurance to cover employees against accidents, injuries and diseases.

If you are an employee, the circumstances through which you can claim are endless so long as the employer is deemed liable, culpable or negligent. Workers have a legal right for compensation when they have suffered accidents in the work place such as slips, slides, falls or trips leading to injuries. You can similarly claim if you have suffered an injury whilst operating faulty or badly maintained machinery.

Likewise, if you have a work related injury which you feel was caused by inadequate training and supervision, you can also claim damages by consulting experienced work accident solicitors. Industrial diseases form another major avenue for work related claims. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis or other diseases caused by exposure to asbestos and other dangerous materials, you are entitled to claim compensation.

So where do I start?
Start your work injury compensation claim by consulting work accident solicitors nationally because they can recover damages for you anywhere in the country and do not have to be based in your local area in order to help you. This gives workers the freedom to compare services, fees and terms before appointing lawyers to pursue work injury claims on their behalf.

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