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Help on how to get compensation for whiplash from injury solicitors plus
guide to whiplash symptoms and payout scale

If you are seeking advice on whiplash injury compensation, the law firm Ashley Ainsworth Solicitors offer professional assistance and representation. Compensation for whiplash is dependent on a variety of factors. Ashley Ainsworth Solicitors and other specialist injury lawyers can assist you with further information.

A personal injury lawyer can file a whiplash injury claim for you and get you compensation from any location in the country. This gives people with whiplash injuries far greater choice, helping them to first compare legal services, fees and overall customer service of different lawyers, before appointing a law firm to help secure damages for whiplash. Compensation claims should be preceded by free consultations to enable people to understand their options. Consequently, if you have been in a car accident, you are advised to start your claim for whiplash by contacting a variety of law firms for initial free consultation.

Whiplash Injury Claim Solicitors

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Many injury lawyers offer whiplash compensation claim assistance on a no win no fee basis. This means they will file a claim for you without charging you if you lose. If you win, the losing side's insurance company will be required to pay your solicitor's fees. In your initial consultation with different law firms, make sure you understand your options along with all potential costs and liabilities. When contacting lawyers, also try to assess their general customer service including their general availability and their readiness in answering your questions.

It is worth re-iterating that to help you choose a law firm whose overall services best match your needs, you need to start contacting a number of different solicitors and get them to explain how they can best help you, whether they will assist you on a no win no fee basis and whether they will pass 100% of recovered damages to you. You should also ask them whether they will charge you a success fee if you win.

What are whiplash symptoms?
Symptoms commonly involve severe aches and pains in and around the neck region. Whiplash symptoms often do not show visible signs and may not show up in an x-ray scan. As a result, years ago, sufferers found it difficult to get compensation. Today, however, many whiplash cases are classified as Whiplash-Associated Disorders. These are painful conditions caused by whiplash but for which the cause of the pain cannot be diagnosed. Whiplash-Associated Disorder is now widely accepted among medical practitioners and it is now easier to get compensation for such injuries. So, even where whiplash symptoms do not show up in tests such as scans, they cannot be disregarded. Many whiplash injury claims involve Whiplash-Associated Disorder cases.

Starting whiplash injury claims
If you are suffering from Whiplash-Associated Disorder as a result of whiplash in a car accident or a motorcycle accident for which you were not at fault, you are entitled to claim compensation. The claims process will involve medical diagnosis and it is advisable to keep all medical records relating to your treatment and diagnosis to substantiate your case.

How much for whiplash?
Many people are naturally concerned about how much whiplash compensation they will receive. The best personal injury solicitors will ensure that you receive the maximum possible compensation for your injury. In practice, how much compensation for whiplash you receive is dependent on the severity of your injury and whether or not you make a full recovery. The whiplash payout you receive also depends on how long it takes you to make a full recovery. Typically, the very highest whiplash neck injury payouts go to people who become impaired as a result of their injuries.

The following is a scale of payouts:

  • About 800 to 2,600 for minor whiplash neck injury cases leading to full recovery within weeks or months.
  • About 2,600 to 4,600 whiplash payout for minor cases leading to complete recovery within two years.
  • About 4,600 to 8,200. for moderate cases and cases where an existing but unrelated condition is worsened by whiplash, but lead to full recovery.
  • About 8,200 to 14,600 for moderate cases involving cervical spondylosis, severe stiffness and regular pain.
  • About 14,600 to 19,000 for dislocations and fractures causing severe painful symptoms which may require spinal fusion.
  • About 32,000 for cases involving injuries to tendons and other soft tissues.
  • About 38,200 to 76,400 whiplash payout for injuries which cause serious impairment.
  • About 87,000 for the most severe cases involving spastic quadriparesis, painful headaches or paraplegia.

Questions to ask solicitors when seeking compensation for whiplash

  • Will you work on a No Win No Fee basis for my whiplash injury compensation claim?
  • Will I get 100% of my compensation for whiplash?
  • Are there any additional or hidden costs?
  • How many whiplash compensation claim cases have you previously handled?
  • Will you charge a success fee and if so how much?
  • Is there a charge even if I lose my claim for whip lash injury?
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