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Help finding medical negligence lawyers for compensation
claims arising from clinical negligence

If you are seeking no win no fee medical negligence solicitors, the law firm Christian Khan may be able to assist you. As medical negligence lawyers Christian Khan offer professional assistance on a broad range of clinical negligence cases.

A medical negligence claim can be extremely complex and almost invariably results in court action, requiring specialist and experienced medical negligence solicitors. It is important therefore when selecting a law firm to ensure they have the necessary experience and knowledge in medical negligence claims.

Medical Negligence Compensation Lawyers

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A medical negligence solicitor can represent you anywhere in the country. This gives claimants more choice and more choice enables them to compare both services and experience of different law firms before appointing a law firm to act on their behalf.

Claimants are therefore advised to contact no win no fee medical negligence solicitors nation to compare their services along with their terms and conditions. Importantly, contacting different law firms will not only help you compare their legal services, cost structure and funding options but also their overall customer service. So, you should remember to compare medical negligence lawyers' readiness in answering your questions.

Common medical negligence cases
Negligence can take numerous forms such as lack of adequate care, wrongful diagnosis, delay in diagnosing a patient, wrong prescription of drugs, wrong dosage; or injuries or complications arising from surgical operations. Here is a list of some common medical negligence cases:

  • Birth injuries (Cerebal palsy)
  • Patients grievously injured in anaesthetic accidents
  • Cases pertaining to disciplinary and regulatory inquiries
  • Misdiagnosis by general practitioners (GPs) and hospital doctors
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Inquests on clinical negligence and medical malpractice
  • Ophthalmic cases and amputations
  • Shoddy cosmetic surgery operations
  • Claims in respect of negligent dispensing, administration and prescription of drugs
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Dentists delivering negligent dental treatment.
  • Assisting claimants challenge the NHS
  • Hospital Negligence claims
  • Nursing Home Negligence claims
  • Residential Care Home Negligence claims
  • Sexual assaults on patients by the staff

What is the difference between medical negligence and clinical negligence?
There is no difference and medical negligence claims are often referred as clinical negligence claims.

How much compensation can I realistically expect from my medical negligence claim?
The amount of compensation you will receive is determined on the basis of the severity of your suffering through physical injury, emotional trauma, psychological damage, loss of income or a combination of these misadventures.

Starting your medical negligence compensation claim
Medical negligence claims should be filed within 3 years after the mishap. Typically, cases are hotly contested and as a result, clinical negligence cases are usually resolved through proceedings in court. Consequently, the need to appoint experienced solicitors is paramount. This is an absolute necessity because the defending parties invariably appoint skilled and experienced lawyers to defend them.

Clinical negligence claims process
A medical solicitor has to prove that a doctor, surgeon or authority was negligent. In order to do this, your lawyers will require your medical records and submit them to medical experts who will then determine if a case for negligence can be made. If so, your lawyers will advice you on your options which, failing a negotiated settlement, will leave no other recourse other than to settle the dispute in court.

How much will court proceedings cost me?
If following an initial assessment of your case, your lawyers determine that you have a good chance of winning, they will most likely be willing to represent you on a no win no fee basis. This is a Conditional Fee Agreement under which if you lose your case, you will not be charged by your solicitors. Lawyers offering no win no fee assistance usually require that clients take up Legal Expenses Insurance as cover and your medical solicitor can advice you on this aspect. This insurance sometimes comes packaged in household policies so you should first check with your solicitor if your household insurance covers this provision. If you don't have Legal Expenses Insurance as part of your household content policy, your solicitor will advice you to take an After-the-Event (ATE) insurance to cover your claim. With a Conditional Fee Agreement backed with Legal Expenses Insurance, if you were to lose the case, your insurance covers all expenses including the other party’s costs, your lawyers’ costs as well as disbursements. If you win the case, you should receive 100% of your damages and the other party picks up all expenses including your lawyer's fees and other cost associated with the court proceedings, including disbursement costs.

Assessing suitability of solicitors - questions to ask them
Before appointing suitably experienced medical solicitors to help you claim clinical negligence compensation, you should consult several and ask questions such as the following:

  • Can you help me claim damages on a no win no fee basis?
  • Can you help me with Legal Expenses Insurance cover?
  • If you win my case, will you forward me 100% of my compensation without making deductions?
  • How many experienced medical solicitors do you have in your firm?
  • Do your medical solicitors regularly update their medical knowledge?
  • How many medical negligence cases have they previously handled?
  • What percentage of medical negligence cases have they win?
  • Are there any potential liabilities and costs associated with my claim?
  • Are there any hidden costs associated with my claim?

Some areas which medical solicitors can help you claim damages

  • Loss of income including present, past and future income
  • Cost of prescriptions and medical expenses
  • Cost of care (for past care and future care)
  • The cost of your legal expenses
  • Your suffering and pain (including physical, emotional and psychological pain)
  • Damage to your employment prospects
  • Lowering of your overall quality of life

Only experienced no win no fee medical negligence solicitors can maximise your chances of a successful claim and guide though the complex web of clinical negligence law. In seeking the expertise of these specialist medical negligence lawyers, you will need to do your part by consulting a variety of law firms throughout the country and compare both their experience, legal services as well as their terms and conditions; along with their general customer service.

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