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Employment Law Solicitors

Contact details of employment law specialists for advice on employment law, no win no fee payment options and related work place issues

If you are seeking advice and legal assistance from employment law solicitors, Girlings Solicitors are a law firm with offices throughout the South East. Girlings Solicitors offer specialist advice for both employees and employers on employment law, no win no fee payment option and a broad range of work place issues such as unfair dismissal, redundancy and employment tribunal representation along with other related issues and disputes.

Employment Law Solicitors

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Many employment law solicitors offer legal representation on a no win no fee basis. This means they will represent employees in disputes at no cost to the employees if they lose. When cases are won, however, solicitors charge a 'success fee' and this is usually charged as a percentage of damages recovered either through a negotiated settlement or following a tribunal hearing. Success fees vary from 33% to 50% of damages recovered and you should bear this in mind when seeking employment law advice. There may also be additional costs in the form of disbursements such as costs for calling expert witnesses.

Solicitors are required to explain their services, terms of service and fees; so be sure you are aware of all potential costs and liabilities. Importantly, no win no fee employment law solicitors can assist you anywhere in the country, giving you more choice and the freedom to compare services before appointing a firm. Contact different solicitors nationwide, find out if they will be willing to representation on a no win no fee basis (after assessing your case); and then compare their services and fees. Also try to find out how much employment law experience the lawyers have handling cases similar to yours. Comparing their services on employment law, no win no fee rates and overall customer service will help you choose a employment law specialists whose terms of service and rates best suit your requirements.

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