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No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Advice on the principle of compensation and no fault
accident injury compensation procedures

Legal provisions have made no win no fee compensation claims easily attainable for the public. However, although nearly 3 million people sustain injury through accidents annually, only a third of them claim compensation.

The other two thirds of injured victims fail to claim; many of these people feel overwhelmed by the steps involved or are afraid that making a claim would be financially draining. Others feel they will not stand a chance taking on public authorities with huge resources such as local authorities and large hospitals. Others who suffered injuries at work worry about the implications of filing compensation against their employers. People who have suffered no fault injuries but fail to claim compensation are usually ignorant of the benefits of Conditional Fee Agreements which were set up to give the public access to the legal process and justice without financial worry.

The principle of accident injury compensation
The law recognise that people who have suffered injury often go through varying degrees of lifestyle changes, financial hardship and emotional as well as physical pain. Compensation awards are intended to compensate for these difficulties and are not issued merely as financial rewards. They are intended primarily to enable accident victims to pay for specialist services, helping them to adjust to their situation and compensate for financial losses and other associated costs.

What are the chances of success when filing accident compensation claims?
The vast majority of accident compensation claims are successful and most claims are settled out of court. This is because in most cases, defendants accept they are guilty of negligence and prefer to settle out of court. By not contesting in court, they avoid losing and having to pay court costs along with your solicitor's fees and their own solicitors' fees. Consequently, people who have suffered injuries for which they were not at fault are likely to get compensated. Such people are advised to consult specialist injury lawyers to help them with the claim process.

Seeking compensation is your civil and legal right
Filing injury compensation claims is a civil obligation and legal right of all individuals. Under the Conditional Fee Agreement, commonly known as no win no fee, members of the public can claim compensation without financial worries. Under this legal provision, if your claim is contested in court and you lose, you pay your solicitors nothing. Although you will be liable to pay the other party's legal costs and court costs, a Legal Expense Insurance cover which your solicitors would already have put in place for you, will cover these costs.

Because the public have a civil and legal right to file accident compensation claims, you should not be afraid to seek compensation if you have been involved in an accident caused by somebody else's negligence.

By filing a claim you are likely to receive compensation for which you are legally entitled. Moreover, the process of securing compensation also serves to remedy the conditions and negligence that led to your accident, preventing future repetition and thus sparing others the same fate.

How much compensation can I expect to receive?
The amount of compensation you receive is dependent on the extent of your injuries, the degree to which it impairs your daily life and the length of time required for full recovery. Compensation amounts are also influenced by loss of income, treatment costs and other costs associated with lifestyle changes due to your injury.

How to claim compensation
You will require professional legal representation through proper legal channels in order to claim compensation. Before making a claim, you will need legal advice from no win no fee compensation claims solicitors to determine the chances of being compensated. Specialist lawyers can provide legal representation, collect necessary evidence to build up a case and, if necessary, file a suit in a court of law. See our section on claims for more information on the steps necessary for filing an accident compensation claim.

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