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Industrial Injury Compensation Solicitors

Help on starting an industrial injury claim arising from exposure to hazardous materials in the work place

If you are seeking industrial injury compensation, the law firm John Pickering and Partners LLP Solicitors offer professional assistance for this type of claim. John Pickering and Partners LLP are specialist industrial injury claim lawyers with experience handling compensation for mesothelioma, asbestosis and other asbestos related diseases. They also handle injury claims for other types of industrial injuries sustained in the work place.

Solicitors for Industrial Injury Claims

Law Firm:
John Pickering and Partners LLP Solicitors, Manchester Office:
Old Exchange Buildings, St Ann's Passage, 29-31 King Street, Manchester M2 6BE

0161 834 1251

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While seeking lawyers to help file your industrial injury claim, you should contact a number of lawyers nationwide, not just in your local area. This is because solicitors can assist with injury claims anywhere in the country. Consulting lawyers nationwide gives victims of industrial injuries a much wider selection of law firms with which to compare services.

To compare the services of different law firms, ask them to explain their service along with their terms and conditions. Also ask them how many specialist industrial injury lawyers they have in their firm. You should aim to determine how much experience the firms have in handling industrial injury compensation claims. While comparing legal services, also compare the customer service of the law firms, especially the speed with which they respond to your queries.

It is worth repeating that before pursuing an industrial injury claim, casting your search for suitable lawyers nationwide will give you much greater choice and flexibility, enabling you to compare services first. Being able to compare services will give you greater leverage in appointing a law firm of your own choice to file your industrial injury compensation claim. John Pickering and Partners LLP are part of a larger selection of lawyers available to you when you search nationwide. Importantly, these law firms are just a phone call away.

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