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Understanding No Win No Fee Agreements

Selection of frequently asked questions and answers to help you
understand on no win no fee agreements

What are no win no fee agreements and how does no win no fee work?
Conditional Fee Agreements, commonly known as No Win No Fee Agreements, are agreements drawn by solicitors under which they agree to assist claimants to secure compensation for damages, with stipulations attached to fees for when a case is won or lost.

What if I lose my no win no fee claim?
Under a no win no fee agreement, if a claimant lose a case, that claimant will not be charged a fee by his or her lawyers. However, if you lose your case, you may be liable to pay the other side's costs and Court costs. To cover this eventuality, your solicitor can advice you on insurance protections and will provide you with comprehensive information on premiums and financing options. Some household content policies cover this eventuality so you should first check your household content policy with your solicitor.

If I win my no win no fee claim, will I be charged any additional fees by my solicitors?
If the claimant wins the case, some lawyers may charge a 'success fee' for their legal advice and services; and this is usually charged as a percentage of the secured compensation. This percentage varies, depending on the law firm. There are also no win no fee solicitors that do not charge a success fee. You are therefore advised to first find out the terms and conditions of different law firms before appointing a firm to represent you.

What does 100% no win no fee mean?
This refers to no win no fee cases in which claimants win and their solicitors forwards 100% of their compensation to them, without making deductions towards fees and expenses.

What are no win no fee disbursements?
Certain costs may be incurred in the course of a claim for compensation. These include for example, the cost for medical reports and calling expert witnesses. Your solicitor will brief you fully on no win no fee disbursements.

How do I start the claim process?
For a no win no fee claim, contact various solicitors nationwide for an initial free assessment in which they will assess the merits of your case, your likelihood of winning and the likely amount of compensation you will get. They will use these consideration to decide whether or not to represent you on a no win no fee basis. If a solicitor turns you down, others may still offer you no win no fee representation so you should contact a number of injury lawyers nationwide. This is because injury lawyers can get you compensation anywhere in the country, not just in your local area. Consulting solicitors nationwide will increase your likelihood of being offered an agreement and will give you more choice. In addition, more choice will enable you to compare both the legal and customer services of different law firms before appointing lawyers of your own choice on a no win no fees agreement.

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