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Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Starting a road accident compensation claim with help from
specialist car injury solicitors

If you are seeking road traffic accident compensation following an accident in which you received an injury and were not at fault, Farleys Solicitors LLP can provide professional car injury claim advice and file for compensation. Many car accident victims suffer neck injury due to whiplash. If you have sustained this type of car accident injury or any other form of bodily harm, Farleys Solicitors and other specialist injury solicitors can advice you.

If you have been involved in a road accident, compensation can be secured by lawyers on a no win no fee basis anywhere in the country. Importantly, having access to injury lawyers nationwide gives accident victims more choice , enabling them to compare services and fees along with solicitors' terms and conditions. Before appointing a law firm to help you claim compensation, you should therefore contact a number of injury lawyers not just in your local area but also nationwide. Under the no win no fee basis, they will not charge you a fee if you lose.

Solicitors for Car Accident Injury Claims

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A successful road traffic accident claim should result in 100% compensation (except in cases involving untraced drivers). If you win your claim, your solicitor receives a fixed fee in settlement of legal costs from the other party's insurers. Under no win no fee, some lawyers may also charge a success fee. If they do charge a success fee, find out how much and how it is calculated. You are advised when contacting different solicitors to make sure you understand their terms of service along with all potential costs and liabilities. In addition, get the lawyers to confirm you will receive 100% compensation if they file a car injury claim on your behalf. You should compare not only the legal services of law firms but also their general customer service before appointing a firm to represent you.

Things to do before starting car injury claims
For a successful outcome, your solicitor will need to substantiate a car injury claim with evidence that proves the other party was at fault. You therefore need to provide as much evidence as possible including details of eye witnesses along with photographs of the accident scene. Car injury claims should not be delayed because there are strict time limits in place. Try therefore not to delay your own injury claim and call a solicitor today.

Claiming car accident compensation as a driver of a vehicle
If you suffered injury as the driver of a private or public vehicle and were not at fault, you are entitled to 100% compensation.

Making a car accident compensation claim as a passenger
If you suffered injury either in a private or public transport vehicle, you can claim 100% compensation against the driver(s) deemed at fault. This could be the person driving you and/or a third party driver (depending on whether one or both drivers are deemed equally at fault). Compensation is financed by the insurance company of the driver(s) at fault.

Making a road traffic accident claim as a pedestrian
If you are a pedestrian and have suffered injury as a result of negligence on the part of a another driver or motorcyclist, you can claim compensation from their insurers.

Claiming as a cyclist
If you were not at fault and received injury in a road traffic accident as a result of a driver's negligence or because of inadequate road safety conditions, an injury lawyer can assist you with your claim.

Claiming accident compensation as a motorcyclist
If you were not at fault and suffered road traffic injury as a result of negligence by another driver or motorcyclist, you are entitled to claim for damages against their insurance company.

Claiming car crash compensation where the other driver is uninsured
Amazingly, about 10% of 18-34 year old drivers are unaware that motor insurance is a legal requirement and nearly a million car drivers under the age of 30 are driving without insurance. If an uninsured driver cause an accident and as a result you are injured in a car crash, claim solicitors can still get you compensation through the Motor Insurers' Bureau. If you are a driver, you can get cheap online car insurance quotes from motor insurance companies offering policies that will protect you against uninsured drivers.

what about hit and run incidents?
If you suffered injury as a result of negligence by another driver who quickly leaves the scene without disclosing their details, a personal injury lawyer can still claim damages for you through the provisions of the Motor Insurers' Bureau.

Questions to ask solicitors when seeking compensation for car accidents

  • Will you work on a No Win No Fee basis?
  • Will I get 100% of my compensation?
  • Do you cater for taxi and bus passenger claims?
  • Will there be additional costs?
  • Are there any hidden costs
  • Will you charge a success fee if I win and if so how much?
  • Will you charge me if I lose my claim?
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