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Back Injury Compensation

Starting a back injury claim with help from specialist
back injury solicitors

Today, back injury compensation represents a significant part of the work of personal injury solicitors. You are entitled to make a back injury claim if you have suffered an injury and were not at fault; either in work, in a public place or in a motor accident.

Work injury claims
If you injured your back at work through no fault of your own, you are entitled to claim back injury compensation. By law, employers are obliged to purchase Employers Liability Insurance to cover employees' claims for damages due to injuries caused by employers' negligence. A significant proportion of these injuries are back injuries. In addition to taking up Employers Liability Insurance, employers are obliged to train their staff in proper health and safety practices. Employers are also required to provide adequate training and supervision on use of machinery and other equipment. Many workers suffer back injuries through falls, slips, slides and trips as a result of inadequate measures. Another common form of back injury occurs through lifting weights either because the weights are excessive or are being lifted improperly.

No matter how you sustained an injury at work, if you were not at fault, personal injury solicitors can file a back injury claim for you anywhere in the country (not just locally) on a no win no fee basis. This gives claimants more choice and the opportunity to compare services, terms and fees before appointing law firms of their choice.

Claiming compensation for back injuries sustained in public places
If you suffered back injury in an accident while in a public place such as a hospital, while walking in the streets or in a supermarket store, you are entitled to claim compensation if you were not at fault. To cover for such eventualities, organisations, businesses and other bodies that serve the public are required to purchase Public Liability Insurance as cover against claims for damages by members of the public. As with claims for injuries in work, experienced injury solicitors can help you claim for damages against injuries sustained in public places, also on a no win no fee basis. This process is the same in that you should consult several solicitors, compare their services, terms and conditions along with their rates; before appointing a firm of your choice.

Claiming compensation for back injuries sustained in motor accidents
If you have suffered back injury as a result of a car accident caused by negligence on the part of another driver, no win no fee injury solicitors can help you claim compensation from the other driver's insurance company. If the other driver was driving without car insurance at the time of the accident, you can still make a claim and get compensation with the help of a lawyer. To cover against injury caused by an uninsured driver, your car insurance company can advice you on the possibility of adding uninsured driver protection to your existing car insurance policy. To find the best deals, you can compare car insurance quotes from a insurance companies online. If you are a driver who has suffered back injury without cover against uninsured drivers, a solicitor can advice you in detail on this area and explain the legal options available to you. Before choosing a law firm, first compare their legal services along with their terms and conditions of service.

Types of back injuries
Back injuries can be caused by a variety of violent movements together with sudden or reptitive movements or twisting motions. They can also be caused for example, by poor posture in the work place as a result of inadequate seating and desks.

There are essentially four main forms of back pain:

  • Stress fractures: these occur in the lower spine and are caused / aggravated by excessive use of the lower back, usually in sport but also in the work place. It can also be affected by long hours of bad posture whilst sitting in front of a computer.
  • Facet syndrome: this condition is induced by sudden and often violent movement, leading to pain on one side of the spine.
  • Slipped discs: usually occur in the lower lumber area of the spine and are often caused by jobs that require lifting or long hours of sitting. Also caused by damage as a result of falls or car accidents.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: this severe condition occurs in the pelvic region and causes pain in the lower back.
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